How Pakistan gained from cancelling NSA level talks

How Pakistan Gains From the Cancelled NSA-Level Talks

-Now that the dust has settled down on the planned, and then cancelled, meeting between the National Security Advisors (NSAs) of India and Pakistan, one can calmly and rationally analyse the reasons for and assess the loss/gain arising from the cancelled meeting. 

-However, one must be clear about few things before one can proceed further on the analysis. The first is that the Indian position that the NSA talks were about terrorism was absolutely correct. A simple reading and understanding of the English language makes that amply clear. 

-The second is that India not only set out some preconditions for the meeting, but set out an additional pre-condition that Pakistan should accept these preconditions as not being pre-conditions.  To be more specific the following was the exchange that took place at the media briefing by the Foreign Minister:


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