Main Reason for Rise of China

Today China is second biggest economy in the world which is expected to overtake US by 2030. It's resources and human skills are major assets for rapid growth in globalisation era

-The Chinese leadership took major policy decisions in the 1970s. China ended its political and economic isolation with the establishment of relations with the United States in 1972. 

-Premier Zhou Enlai proposed the ‘four modernisations’(agriculture, industry, science and technology and military) in 1973. By 1978, the then leader Deng Xiaoping announced the ‘open door’ policy and economic reforms  in  China. The policy was to generate higher productivity by investments of capital and technology from abroad.

-China followed its own path in introducing a market economy. The Chinese did not go for ‘shock therapy’ but opened their economy step by step. The privatisation of agriculture  in 1982 was followed by the privatisation of industry in 1998. 

-Trade  barriers were eliminated only in  Special Economic  Zones (SEZs) where foreign investors could set up enterprises. In China, the state played and continues to play a central role in setting up a market economy.

-The new economic policies helped the Chinese economy to  break  from  stagnation.


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