Why does mouth smell bad after long night sleep?

-Bad breath in the morning is mostly attributed to a lack of saliva. 
-During the day, your mouth produces a significant amount of saliva, but while you sleep, saliva production goes down.
-Saliva is critical for sweeping away the food particles that would otherwise linger and collect bacteria.
-A decrease in saliva production increases the likelihood of dry mouth. This allows bacteria to grow and produce volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs), which is what smells bad. 
-Bacteria munch on compounds, proteins, amino acids, and leftover foods that are stuck in your mouth and teeth to produce these VSCs, which causes the bad odour.
-The way you sleep can also affect the intensity and frequency of morning breath. Snoring or breathing through the mouth at night can increase the likelihood of bad breath. 
-Most mouth breathers sleep with their mouth open, causing their mouth to get drier and therefore letting bad-breath-causing bacteria flourish. 
-Basically, any time you reduce saliva in the mouth, you reduce the mouth’s ability to fight the bacteria that causes the bad breath.


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