How UN was formed ?

Formation of United Nations

1941 August: Signing of the Atlantic Charter by the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British PM Winston S. Churchill 

1942 January:  26 Allied nations fighting against the Axis Powers meet in Washington, D.C., to support the Atlantic Charter and sign the Declaration by United Nations’ 

1943 December:  Tehran Conference Declaration of the Three Powers (US, Britain and Soviet Union) 

1945 February:  Yalta Conference of the Big Three (Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin) decides to organise a United Nations conference on the proposed world organisation 

1945 April-May The 2-month long United Nations Conference on International Organisation at San Francisco 

1945 June 26:  Signing of the UN Charter by 50 nations (Poland signed on October 15; so the UN has 51 original founding members) 

1945 October 24:  the UN was founded (hence October 24 is celebrated as UN Day) 

1945 October 30:  India joins the UN


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