UPSC Civil Services Mains exam 2016: Last few days tips on writing answers

UPSC mains examination is scheduled to be held from December 3 to 9, 2016. The candidates who successfully passed preliminary exam has been preparing for this moment over the past one year. The mains phase of UPSC examination checks a candidate’s knowledge of the topics in the syllabus as well as his/her analytical ability.
A candidate’s ability to perceive and analyse situations from multiple angles to arrive at a conclusion is of utmost importance to succeed in the mains. Here are some useful last-minute tips that will help you get that extra edge.
How to write better:
Analyse: Pay close attention to the word directives given in each question. These directives give an indication of the style in which the examiner would like you structure and write it. A detailed analysis of directives is recommended.
Avoid jargons: Always keep the answers simple. The candidates often use multiple jargons while writing answers which tends to dilute the exact message. This exam demands complex concepts to be explained in simple language. The main focus should be to craft answers which will articulate the message in the best possible manner.
Brief introductions: The ‘introduction’ part of the answer should be kept crisp and to-the-point. Remember, it is meant to give the reader a glimpse of the answer and not the whole story. It is highly recommended that the candidate write a brief background on the theme of discussion. It is best kept when kept short.


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