Certificate and physical geography by GC leong

Certificate Physical And Human Geography is a paperback book that looks into the various geographical factors of planet Earth. It deals with the various aspects that fall under physical geography and human geography, to chalk out the relationships between them. Local examples are used to help the students get a better picture of the scenario. It's aimed at helping the audience understand our planet better and makes an efficient textbook for students who wish to understand the basic concepts of geography, weather or climate.

This book has two parts. One deals with physical geography, which gives in-depth knowledge about the coastal regions and different landforms like desert landforms, limestone and chalk landforms and those created out of running water. It also explains about islands, coral reefs and oceans.

This part of Certificate Physical And Human Geography also covers various aspects like the place of Earth in this universe and further researches the crust of the earth. The book discusses different phenomenons noticed on the planet like earthquakes and volcanoes. It also speaks about the weathering process, groundwater and the Mass Movement.

The second part concerns itself with the climate, weather and vegetation. It concentrates on different climate zones like the Savanna climate, Steppe climate, Mediterranean climate, equatorial climate, tropical monsoon climate, China type climate, British type climate, Siberian climate, Lauren-tian climate and polar climate.

Certificate Physical And Human Geography was published on 27th October, 1995. It also targets people who want to prepare for preliminaries of the Civil Services. It's well-illustrated and comes with maps, photos and diagrams to understand the text better. Every part has a section dedicated to questions to help the candidates judge as to how much subject matter they have been able to grasp effectively.


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