IGNOU Environment eBook

OBJECTIVES of IGNOU environment and Ecology book are

The course is designed to enable the learner:

  1. to know about origin of earth and evolution of life, and appearance of human species;
  2. to develop concerns for environmental problems;
  3. to understand ecological principles.;
  4. to harmonize environmental concerns with technological and socio-economic issues;
  5. to develop respect for nature and living beings and to help maintain ecological balance;
  6. to take active part in protecting and conserving the environment and to assume the responsibilities for change of society


Rapid growth of population coupled with increasing industrial development and all around increase in consumerism throughout the world are posing a serious threat to the environment.  People in almost all nations of the world are becoming increasingly conscious of the danger of deteriorating environmental conditions. In view of the critical importance of the environmental issues, it is
necessary to introduce Environmental Science as a full-fledged subject at the Senior Secondary level.
Environmental Science deals with the relationships between environment and humans and draws upon physical sciences, biological sciences and social sciences.


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