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Here are the books for CSAT

-The new Recruitment Process adopted by the UPSC for Civil Services Prelims Exam is called the CSAT or the Civil Services Aptitude Test which came into effect from the Civil Services Examination, 2011. 

-The scheme of this examination has been revised for the preliminary examination with the objective of giving a level playing-field to all candidates. In addition to this, changes have been introduced in the Civil Services (Main) Examination w.e.f. year 2013

-Unlike Paper 1 where quantity of questions is a major determinant, Paper 2 has 80 questions and cannot be tamed without solving quality questions.

-Since the preliminary exam in particular is a test of endurance the candidate needs to prepare himself on the physical as well as mental level. The time is the main constraint in solving the questions in Paper 2.

-On an average one gets around 90 seconds for each question. The comprehension section, along with logical reasoning, is the most time consuming section of paper 2. So, one has to judiciously divide one’s time in the examination.

# From the above analysis it can be concluded that 
there are some important areas like Comprehension, 

Decision Making, Quantitative Aptitude and 

Reasoning which constitute the most significant section 

of the question paper.

-In terms of Comprehension, Candidates need to 
improve their comprehension power as 

Comprehension constitutes half of the paper. 

-A comprehension exercise consists of a passage upon 
which questions are set to test the candidate’s ability 

to understand the content of the given text and infer 

information and meaning from it. For doing well in 

comprehension one should keep few points in mind 

while attempting this. 

-Logical reasoning and analytical
ability is another important area. It had as many as 13 

questions in 2011 exam and  candidates are required

to solve problems related to syllogism, sitting 
arrangement, series completion, puzzle test, logical  

sequence etc.

-In a way preparing well for Paper 2 is a must for 

clearing the preliminary examination. One should have 

a more focused approach while preparing Paper 2. It 

also covers limited sections or topics as compared to Paper 1.

-Paper-1 covers a galaxy of topics ranging from 
history to space and science. Statistically also, the 

weightage of questions in Paper-2 is more than that of 

the questions in Paper-1.

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