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About Chronicle IAS

The best place for UPSC preparation in India is Delhi, where candidates from all over the country land to prepare for Civil Services Examination. With hundreds of institute mushrooming finding best IAS coaching institute in Delhi can be determined by its reputation of previous results, best faculty members and study materials. All these criteria are fulfilled by Chronicle IAS academy, who is guiding the civil service aspirants for the past 25 years with consistent result year after year.

Chronicle IAS academy, a sister concern of Civil Services Chronicle, has four branches in Delhi – Old Rajinder Nagar, Mukherjee Nagar (for Hindi medium), North Campus (DU) and Noida. Chronicle IAS academy consists of former Bureaucrats, domain experts and Subject expertise for optional subjects to guide civil service aspirants, along with its experienced research team to provide essential study material. In addition to this, its three-tier coaching methodology – Basic, advanced and 3600 evaluation – is not only provide a holistic approach of mentoring to IAS aspirants but also make sure that candidates secure their final berth in the merit list.

Success never comes in a single day, it’s a process, Chronicle IAS academy guides you in a right way to achieve that success with all its sincere effort.

Indian Economy-part 1 (Download Here)

part one covers

1. Economics  : An Introduction
2. State of the Indian Economy
3. National Income Concept and Accounting
4. Planning
5. Public Finance in India
6. Banking System in India.
7. Inflation
8. Fiscal Federalism In India
9. Money Market Instruments In India
10. Indian Capital Market
11. Services Sector In India's
12. Balance of Payments : Concept
13. Exchange Rate : Concept

Indian Economy-part 2 (Download Here)

part two covers

1. Monetary & Fiscal Policy
2. Manufacturing Sector
3. Parallel Economy in India
4. Money Laundering: Brief Introduction
5. World Economy
6. International Trade and Finance
7. Poverty & Un-employment
8. Population of India (India's Census)
9. Multilateral Agencies
10. Interim Union Budget 2014-2015 

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