Syllabus For Prelims & Main Examination 

Preliminary Examination CSAT Paper - 1 (GS)  The Examination shall comprise two compulsory papers of 200 marks each.
Paper I - (200 marks) Duration: Two hours
  •  Current events of national and international importance. 
  • History of India and Indian National Movement. 
  • Indian and World Geography - Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World. 
  • Indian Polity and Governance - Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc. 
  •  Economic and Social Development -Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc. 
  • General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change - that do not require subject specialization 
  • General Science. 

Preliminary Examination CSAT Paper - 2 (APTITUDE)           Paper II- (200 marks) Duration: Two hours
  • Comprehension 
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills; 
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability 
  •  Decision-making and problem solving 
  •  General mental ability 
  •  Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc.) (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. - Class X level) 
  •  English Language Comprehension skills (Class X level). 
Note 1 : Questions relating to English Language Comprehension skills of Class X level (last item in the Syllabus of Paper- II) will be tested through passages from English language only without providing Hindi translation thereof in the question paper.
Note 2 : The questions will be of multiple choice, objective type.
Note 3: It is mandatory for the candidate to appear in both the Papers of Civil Services (Prelim) Examination for the purpose of evaluation. Therefore a candidate will be disqualified in case he/ she does not appear in both the papers of Civil Services (Prelim) Examination.

Main Examination :  The written examination will consist of the following papers:
Qualifying Papers:
Paper‐ A   - 300 Marks
(One of the Indian Language to be selected by the candidate from the Languages
included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution). 
Paper‐ B   
English:-   300 Marks
Papers to be counted for merit Paper‐I  Essay - 250 Marks
General Studies–I  250Marks
(Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography otherworld and Society)
General Studies –II  250 Marks
(Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)
General Studies –III  250 Marks
(Technology, Economic Development, Bio‐diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster
General Studies –IV  250Marks
(Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)
Optional Subject – Paper 1  250Marks
Optional Subject – Paper -2  250 Marks
Sub Total (Written test) 1750 Marks
Personality Test   - 275 Marks
Grand Total  - 2025 Marks

Candidates may choose any one of the optional subjects from amongst the list of
subjects given in Notification:‐ 
(i) The papers on Indian Languages and English (Paper A and Paper B) will be of Matriculation or equivalent standard and will be of qualifying nature. The marks obtained in these papers will not be counted for ranking.
(ii) Evaluation of the papers, namely, ‘Essay’, ‘General Studies’ and Optional Subject of all the candidates would be done simultaneously along with evaluation of their qualifying papers on ‘Indian Languages’ and ‘English’ but the papers on ‘Essay’, General Studies and Optional Subject of only such candidates will be taken cognizance of who attain such minimum standard as may be fixed by Commission at their discretion for the qualifying papers on ‘Indian Language’ and ‘English’.
(iii) Marks obtained by the candidates for the Paper I‐VII only will be counted for merit ranking. However, the Commission will have the discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all of these papers.

2. List of optional subjects for Main Examination: (i) Agriculture
(ii) Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
(iii) Anthropology
(iv) Botany
(v) Chemistry
(vi) Civil Engineering
(vii) Commerce and Accountancy
(viii) Economics
(ix) Electrical Engineering
(x) Geography
(xi) Geology
(xii) History
(xiii) Law
(xiv) Management
(xv) Mathematics
(xvi) Mechanical Engineering
(xvii) Medical Science
(xviii) Philosophy
(xix) Physics
(xx) Political Science and International Relations
(xxi) Psychology
(xxii) Public Administration
(xxiii) Sociology
(xxiv) Statistics
(xxv) Zoology
(xxvi) Gujarati Literature  
(i) The question papers for the examination will be of conventional (essay) type.
(ii)Each paper will be of three hours duration.
(iii) Candidates will have the option to answer all the question papers, except the Qualifying Language papers Paper‐A and Paper‐B, in any of the languages included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India or in English.
(iv) Candidates exercising the option to answer Papers in any one of the languages mentioned above may, if they so desire, give English version within brackets of only the description of the technical terms, if any, in addition to the version in the language opted by them. Candidates should, however, note that if they misuse the above rule, a deduction will be made on this account from the total marks otherwise accruing to them and in extreme cases; their script(s) will not be valued for being in an unauthorized medium.
(v) The question papers (other than the literature of language papers) will be set in Hindi and English only.

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